How to keep your child protected from mosquitoes whilst travelling?

How to keep your child protected from mosquitoes whilst travelling?

Mosquitoes can bring with them all sorts of illnesses, and it’s often a common worry for parents on how to keep the little ones protected. Dengue, chikungunya and malaria are among the more common mosquito-related illnesses, and all of these can be incredibly harmful to children. Fortunately, they are preventable. Here are some ways to protect your family against mosquitoes.

1. Dress to protect

One of the most effective ways of protecting your baby is quite simplistic, but it’s simply to minimise the area of exposed skin. Now, when you’re in the hot climates it can be difficult to weigh up how to keep your child safe from mosquitos but not too hot - so it’s often a good idea to choose a lightweight knit and a cotton garment which would allow air to pass through it, keeping them cool but protected from bites.

It is also essential to ensure that the clothing is loose-fitting because mosquitoes can bite through tight-fitting clothing; so you can try onesies or bodysuits, and make sure that the stomach is covered. A broad-brimmed hat can help to keep insects away from the face.

The colours you choose also play a part. Light-coloured clothing appears to be less attractive to many biting insects, including mosquitoes. On the other hand, dressing your baby in dark bright colours or flowery prints will attract mosquitoes and insects; so it might be safer to keep light coloured, plain clothing on your child during mosquito season.

2. Choose the right mosquito repellent

Keeping your baby covered is one line of defence, but perhaps the most effective one is a successful and effective mosquito repellent. Often, synthetic repellents come with side effects that many parents want to avoid for their little ones, but THEYE’s natural products are entirely alcohol and DEET free - meaning that you can be sure of effective protection without any worry of side effects. These can offer protection for up to 8 hours and therefore you don’t need to worry about constant re-applying, and can just enjoy your holiday knowing that your child is protected from biting insects - including mosquitoes, midges, horseflies and more.

The range comes with a variety of products which parents can choose for their children from ages 6 months and up. From bands suited to little wrists, through to sprays, creams and wet wipes, there’s an effective method which suits every family. Check out THEYE’s range on the website here. For complete peace of mind when you’re travelling with your little ones, make sure that you’ve got one of these repellent products with you at all times.

3. Bring out the nets and screens

On a night time, you can keep your children protected through an effective mosquito net. If you share your bed with your child whilst you’re travelling, you can use a big net over the bed and keep the whole family protected. Simply secure it above the bed and make sure that you’ve not caught any mosquitoes underneath it before you go to sleep.

If your child sleeps next to the bed, you can use a separate cot or bed net. One thing to note is that cot nets can become ineffective if you are taking your baby out of the bed to feed, change a nappy or visit the bathroom several times a night.

During the day, keep your baby's cot, pram, stroller, and baby carriers covered with mosquito netting at all times, both indoors and outdoors, for a final protective layer.

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