About Us

Who are THEYE?
We are a company developing high-quality plant-based Mosquito Repellents and hand sanitisers, which are fully tested under UK & European Regulations.

Our repellents offer a full range of application methods to cater for all environments. This covers young children, expectant mothers and the more adventurous traveller. 

How is THEYE sustainable?

Mosquito Repellent products - cream and the pump spray

Here at THEYE, we’re incredibly serious about sustainability. Not just as a ‘trend’ or as something that ‘fits with the times’, but as a true ethos behind our company.

We do all that we can to make sustainable choices in our products - from product development and testing being cruelty free, through to natural manufacturing processes, reduced carbon footprint delivery, and biodegradable packaging and sales. 

How is our formulation sustainable? 
The active Java Citronella Oil that we use in our products, as a natural replacement for chemically laden DEET products, is grown in Java, Indonesia on fields in the mountains and the hillsides. The places where this grass grows are not suitable for growing any other crops, and therefore this grass serves as a lifeline for the independent family farms which work on the crops. 

Three times a year, when the crops are ready, the families take in the crop and extract the oil from the plant - right on the hillside where this grass is grown.

Once they have the extracted oil, they then take this down the mountains to be collected at a co-operative area, where all other family farms bring down their extracted oil too. 

This is then combined, refined, and shipped out to the supplier’s factory by boat to the UK. 

The remaining extracted grass and plant is composed down for the land, and is reused as fuel to feed the growth of the next crops. These crops can be grown and harvested three times each year, on land that no one else could use - helping to create jobs for indigenous farmers who otherwise wouldn’t be able to use this land due to its unique geography. 

Once the oil arrives in the UK, our uniquely formulated products are created in our factory in the north of England - where we try and keep down costs in logistics and our overall Carbon Footprint by operating in a small corridor of the country. As our formulation is from such a refined product, we are able to formulate an emulsion product without the need for alcohol and other chemicals - therefore manufacturing a kinder product to both the end user and the environment, all in one go!

Once our product is created, we then package this in our recyclable and biodegradable packaging - which is something that we are consistently looking to improve on as we continue to grow our range and expand on our offering.

We champion natural products, and truly believe in our responsibility to the environment as a company. 

How do we know your product works?
We've done extensive testing, and you can see the results of one of these tests in action here. We're incredibly proud of our product, and the fact that they are just as effective as chemical products, without any of the nastiness to you or to the environment.

Watch the video here: 

What do we supply? 
We supply a host of major airlines around the world such as British Airways, Virgin Atlantic, Thomas Cook, Easyjet, Jet2 and TUI Travel. Along with a number of pharmacies through a wide network of distributors. We also stock a substantial number of multi-channel retailers across a number of lifestyle categories such as outdoor pursuits, golf, angling & beauty stores.

Our customers
We create innovative and inspiring products that are suitable for all ages, focused on customers looking for high-quality products at affordable prices. We reach our customers by retailing through worldwide airlines who have a captive audience of millions. Within the airline industry, we are a highly valued and high performing company with brand awareness throughout the world.

We are a member of Medilink
With customers at the heart of all of Medilink Yorkshire & Humber's services, it is our goal to use our experience and expertise in the sector to take your organisation to the next level. Connected across the academic, business and clinical sectors, we understand how to create opportunities to develop your organisation and offer tailor-made services to deliver business goals. With vision, energy and enthusiasm, we understand healthcare and we get results. Our range of services are tailored to your needs, we cater for companies ranging from start-ups to global corporations.