About Us


Who are we?
We are an inspirational & highly innovative company.  With the primary objective to design new and creative products.

What do we do?
We make life easier for practical solutions to meet everyday needs

How do we do this?
With award-winning designers, who bring knowledge from a wide spectrum of life

What do we sell? 
We design and manufacture innovative high-quality products for travel, outdoor & sporting activities that are highly compact & very affordable but having an edge of fashion. Including Mosquito & Insect Repellent Wrist Bands, Protective Compact Micro Sprays & Travel Accessories

What do we supply? 
We supply a host of major airlines around the world such as British Airways, Virgin Atlantic, Thomas Cook, Easyjet, Jet2 and TUI Travel. Along with a number of pharmacies through a wide network of distributors. We also stock a substantial number of multi-channel retailers across a number of lifestyle categories such as outdoor pursuits, golf, angling & beauty stores.

Our customers
We create innovative and inspiring products that are suitable for all ages, focused on customers looking for high-quality products at affordable prices. We reach our customers by retailing through worldwide airlines who have a captive audience of millions. Within the airline industry, we are a highly valued and high performing company with brand awareness throughout the world.

Why Theye?
All of our products are manufactured to the highest quality standard possible. Our products are all fully compliant with the European Biocidal & Cosmetic regulations. All of our formulations are manufactured & formulated in the UK. We employ experts within their industry to guarantee the best possible products and the highest standard of testing.

We are a member of Medilink
With customers at the heart of all of Medilink Yorkshire & Humber's services, it is our goal to use our experience and expertise in the sector to take your organisation to the next level. Connected across the academic, business and clinical sectors, we understand how to create opportunities to develop your organisation and offer tailor-made services to deliver business goals. With vision, energy and enthusiasm, we understand healthcare and we get results. Our range of services are tailored to your needs, we cater for companies ranging from start-ups to global corporations.