What is Citriodiol, Citrepel and PMD?

What is Citriodiol, Citrepel and PMD?
Mosquito repellents have been in the news at the moment as being given to the army with potential benefits in the fight against COVID-19, but where has this link come from?


There has been some suggestion, although not tested, that the active ingredient in these repellent products may help in the fight against COVID-19.

The team at THEYE explain more...

Citriodiol is a natural chemical produced from eucalyptus citriodora oil by accelerating the oil's ageing process that naturally occurs in the leaf.

Key to the effectiveness of this chemical is the concentration of its primary active compound, p-menthane-3,8-diol (PMD). PMD is the key to the performance of these products - and is a naturally occurring insect repellent molecule which exists in nature, but only in low concentrations. It is a decomposition product of many natural essential oils and it is known as being the compound responsible for the repellent effect.

PMD itself is usually only present at very low levels in natural essential oils, rarely including more than 1% or 2%. However, the conversion process used in the manufacturing of our products helps to refine PMD to become a far more powerful repellent than the natural oil itself.

Through these processes, THEYE’s products include a version of Citriodol called Citrepel 75, which is the strongest version of this chemical that you can get, containing 75% PMD.

This grade of Citrepel is the most refined, and therefore the strongest on the market, purely because it’s a pure version. It is due to this strength of refinement that we don’t require the use of alcohol in our products, and yet have all of the effectiveness of more harmful alcohol and DEET based products.  In addition to this, Citrepel 75 can be rated as having a very low order of toxicity.

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