How to avoid mosquito bites when travelling

Mosquitoes are a seemingly ubiquitous force: wherever humans dwell, these irritating creatures seem to follow. That means you will have to deal with them whilst on holiday, no less than you do back at home. But mosquitoes encountered when travelling pose an additional risk to you and your loved ones besides their usual annoying buzzing and biting activity: depending on what region of the world you go to, you may also be at risk of contracting deadly diseases like Malaria, West Nile River virus, and dengue fever via their bites. Read on as we give you some pointers for avoiding this unwelcome possibility when travelling. And check out InsectCop for even more mosquito travel tips!

Keep the insect repellent handy

Yes, we know that many of you are reluctant to expose yourself to mosquito repellent, but the fact remains that it is the most effective way to deter mosquitoes devised by humankind. Whether it’s a lotion, spray, wristband or a roll on formula, be sure when heading outside during your travels to protect all areas of exposed skin with a good repellent.

Wear proper clothing

Another obvious bit of advice for avoiding mosquito bites when travelling is to wear suitable clothing – and as much of it as you can, leaving a few areas of exposed skin as possible. Long, thick pants and shirts; thick woollen socks; and strong, well-sealed shoes – this is what you should be aiming for. Another bit of advice: tuck your shirt into your pants, and your pants into your socks.

The colour of your clothing is important as well. Mosquitoes are attracted to bright and dark colours, so when packing the suitcase for your holiday, be sure to include plenty of light or neutral coloured garments.

Don’t over-accessorize

Mosquitoes are also attracted to sweet smelling fragrances, so avoid using too many of these accessories whilst travelling. Leave your collection of perfumes, deodorants, colognes etc. behind you at home!

Keep clean!

The smell of sweat and body odour is another sure mosquito magnet, so be sure to shower regularly and stay as clean as possible when you travel. You should, of course, be doing this anyway – but here is yet another reason to do so if you didn’t have enough already.

Avoid mosquito ‘peak hour’

Mosquitoes are most active at dawn and dusk, so try to avoid being outside during these periods of the day. If you must, though, make sure you take even more precautions to protect yourself from mosquitoes than usual.

Bring mosquito netting with you

If you happen to sleep outside during your holiday, then, of course, you will want to surround your tent or hammock with mosquito netting. For good measure, you can spray the netting with insect repellent – or buy netting that is already pre-treated with insect spray. You can now get items of clothing for which the same is true.

Remove standing water

Be sure to close the bathroom door of your hotel room after using it. Any source of standing water, no matter how remote, will draw mosquitoes like moths to a flame.

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