All about DEET - the myths and the real truth

All about DEET - the myths and the real truth

‘You need the chemical DEET in insect repellents to be effective!’... or even ‘Repellents without DEET don’t work!’

Sadly, we hear this all of the time. 

Fortunately, our tested natural products prove otherwise. 

In fact, we know all about DEET and alcohol formulas, and how they’re more harmful to the planet, to those with sensitive skin, and even children and pets. We’ve been in this industry for a long time, and are now experts in the field.

Here are a few key answers to some of the biggest myths surrounding DEET, and how you can choose better alternatives.

How does DEET work?
Many products that claim to offer the best insect repellent will contain this chemical, which was originally developed in the USA in 1946 to try and combat mosquitos. DEET does not kill the insect, but interferes with the receptors in the brain of the insects and ultimately prevents them from detecting the chemicals that humans produce that make them so drawn to us. As such, they may still land on a human but they are unable to distinguish us as food in this manner and should just pass along.

This is in theory, anyway. 

However, there are many reasons why DEET isn't always the best option.

Is DEET dangerous?
DEET has been observed to cause allergic reactions and even contain possible carcinogenic properties. 

It’s also toxic for pets - causing significant clinical side effects if ingested or if it were to find its way into their eyes, it has been known to cause blinding. 

It also has a negative impact on the environment, with the Environmental Protection Agency confirming that it may be slightly toxic to birds, fish and other aquatic life - especially those in freshwater environments. In addition, when sprayed, DEET remains in the air as a mist or vapour and therefore, must be broken down by the atmosphere.

What alternatives do I have?
A great alternative to any synthetic repellent (such as DEET), are ones made from natural ingredients. One particular natural chemical to look out for is PMD – which in 2006, was studied to have the same repellent effect as DEET and has since been recognised by the World Health Organisation.

Here at THEYE, our formula is 100% effective to use in both HIGH and LOW-risk areas where Malaria, Chikungunya, West Nile Virus, Zika, Dengue and other insect transmitted diseases are present.

Independent trials done by London school of hygiene and tropical medicine have proven complete protection for up to 6 hours after a single application of this product, against mosquitos, midges (gnats), Ticks, Horsefly and other biting insects.  The study has proven this product to be as effective as synthetic chemicals but has the benefits of being natural.

The formulation is Alcohol and DEET free which is moisturising & kind to the skin and has a fresh smelling fragrance.

Made up of a 100% natural active ingredient, plant-based PMD. PMD is approved by the NHS, WHO and Public Health England for use in all areas including high risk areas where there is a risk of mosquito-borne diseases.

Buy yours now.

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